New Perks for Being (or Becoming) a Friends Member!

1) Customized Searches: If a Friend is looking for a particular book, we’ll do an ongoing search for them, notify them if their book comes in. It’s done by filling out a form.
2) Sign-up or renewal special: We’ll take 20% off at the register on their 1st purchase when they sign-up or renew their membership. Normal Friends discounts apply after​ the 1st purchase.
3) Starting in 2016: 50% off sales (except Black Friday) will be for Friends only. These 9 sale days increase the value of your Membership.
4) Friends take their normal discount off our new Amazon Specials section. These items are heavily discounted from Amazon prices.
5) (Coming soon!) Friends can join/renew their membership at the register via credit card.
6) There is a $10 minimum on all credit card purchases.

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