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Since 1976, the Friends of the Saratoga Springs Public Library have actively supported and advanced the library’s objectives. Over the last forty-five years, we have initiated and sponsored various programs while offering the library financial contributions through membership fees and fundraising. In the early stages, we advocated effectively during School Board budget meetings and in the late eighties, our substantial effort and leadership played a pivotal role in successfully passing the bond issue that paved the way for the current library.

Following the completion of the new library, The Friends Book Shop was established. Its primary goals are to generate funds for library enhancements and programs, offer affordable reading materials to the community, and provide a convenient avenue for recycling used books. In 2023 we opened the Friends Coffee Shop, which is also located inside the library. The Coffee Shop provides coffee, cold beverages, and quick snacks for library patrons while also giving us a new revenue stream to financially support the library. 

Over the past fifteen years, we’ve also sought to spotlight the outstanding service of library staff, volunteers, and community members. This recognition is accomplished by presenting the Marie Madden and H. Durham Hunt awards at our annual meeting. Additionally, we host an event each year to show appreciation for library staff, and Friends’ volunteers. 

Our fundamental belief is at the core of all our activities and endeavors: A thriving library is a significant asset to our community.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Friends of the Saratoga Springs Public Library is to bolster the public library’s programs, personnel, and facilities. As a not-for-profit community group, we are committed to supplying financial resources and volunteer assistance that the library might not have the means to offer.

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Interested in Volunteering?

Our volunteers are our most treasured asset. they staff the coffee shop and book shop and support special projects and events. 

The Friends of the Library organization

  • Launches and orchestrates activities aimed at aiding the library, its visitors, authors from the vicinity, and the wider Saratoga Springs community.
  • Arranges distinctive fundraising events with the dual purpose of backing community initiatives and fostering greater utilization of the library.
  • Maintains a close collaborative relationship with the library’s staff and governing body to ensure alignment and harmonization of all endeavors with the library’s day-to-day functioning.
  • Offers the adaptable framework of a privately financed entity, contributing to the enhancement of the publicly funded library.


Executive Director

Jennifer Allen

Book Shop Manager

Jeff Budge

Coffee Shop Manager

Kristin Salisbury

2022-2023 Board of Directors

FSSPL Executive Director

Jennifer Allen

SSPL Director

Ike Pulver


Klare Ingram

Vice President

Amanda Martini-Hughes


Jay Portnoy


Vincent Asaro

Board member

Ellen Beal

Board member

Jennifer Castellani

Board member

Jennifer Coffey

Board member

Floria Huizinga

Board member

Tim Maguire

Board member

Ashley Richardson


Maggie Anthes


Carol Wang

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